News from the Studio

16 May 2020

Mid May 2020

This huge blossom tree has been a focus for alot of joy in our local Topsham cemetery these last few weeks. This painting is a temporary (?) return to a former style!? Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm

10 May 2020

May 2020

Maybe the last of the Dungeness paintings….time to move on! Oil and mixed media on canvas 60 x 40cm

29 Mar 2020

March 2020

‘CORVID – 19′  – yes there are 19 of ’em and a few ink blots that look like the virus…a response to a strange time of waiting and looking.

27 Feb 2020

February 2020

Dungeness 4’…still absorbed by this amazing part of the Kent coast!
Oil and mixed media, canvas, 60 x 50 cm

14 Jan 2019

January 2019

Another Dungeness painting….and some rough thoughts on two others.

25 Oct 2018

Roscoff, Brittany

A glorious week in and around Roscoff, Brittany, and plenty of time for the sketchbook.

03 Sep 2018

New painting

Latest new painting, recording a significant date for me. Enjoyed being lost in the blues.

4th of May

22 Aug 2018

Art Trail,Charter Day, 25 Aug

Topsham now has it’s very own own Art Trail on Charter Day, Sat 25th August. Lots of artists opening their houses. Mine is open 10am – 5pm….lovely cards, prints for sale!

Topsham Art Trail