News from the Studio

25 Oct 2018

Roscoff, Brittany

A glorious week in and around Roscoff, Brittany, and plenty of time for the sketchbook.

03 Sep 2018

New painting

Latest new painting, recording a significant date for me. Enjoyed being lost in the blues.

4th of May

22 Aug 2018

Art Trail,Charter Day, 25 Aug

Topsham now has it’s very own own Art Trail on Charter Day, Sat 25th August. Lots of artists opening their houses. Mine is open 10am – 5pm….lovely cards, prints for sale!

Topsham Art Trail

30 Jul 2018

Kephalonia June 2018

Eleven days in Kephalonia, near Chalikeri…wonderful.  A few pages here from my sketchbook – very taken with this beautiful, sad abandoned house in Magganos.

09 May 2018

Mallorca in May

Puerto de Pollenca, north coast of Mallorca. Couple of good days of weather brought the sketchbook out!  Boquer Valley good for birds….Sardinian Warbler particularly smart.

29 Jun 2017

June 2017


03 May 2017

New Dartmoor paintings

Back out on Dartmoor again for inspiration! Amazing the different colours reflected on pools of water. Both of these ready for Open Studio starting May 13. After alot of years in studios around Exeter am happy to be back home and include my attic work space in the Open House.