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22 Aug 2020


This was a fun picture to do. It’s an image for a set of stories about a tiger and a mouse.   Great to work on some illustration, and a welcome change from painting!

06 Aug 2020

August – portrait

Thought I’d left portraits behind and this is the first in a very long time! But I needed to do this portrait of a dear friend.   oil on canvas 75 x 40cm

01 Jul 2020

Personalized oil painting – June 2020

This is a unique, personalised oil painting and is a gift for 10-year-old child. So in this picture I celebrate his life by painting details relevant just to him.

16 May 2020

Mid May 2020

This huge blossom tree has been a focus for alot of joy in our local Topsham cemetery these last few weeks. This painting is a temporary (?) return to a former style!? Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm

10 May 2020

May 2020

Maybe the last of the Dungeness paintings….time to move on! Oil and mixed media on canvas 60 x 40cm

29 Mar 2020

March 2020

‘CORVID – 19′  – yes there are 19 of ’em and a few ink blots that look like the virus…a response to a strange time of waiting and looking.

27 Feb 2020

February 2020

Dungeness 4’…still absorbed by this amazing part of the Kent coast!
Oil and mixed media, canvas, 60 x 50 cm

14 Jan 2019

January 2019

Another Dungeness painting….and some rough thoughts on two others.