Category: New painting

22 Aug 2020


This was a fun picture to do. It’s an image for a set of stories about a tiger and a mouse.   Great to work on some illustration, and a welcome change from painting!

01 Jul 2020

Personalized oil painting – June 2020

This is a unique, personalised oil painting and is a gift for 10-year-old child. So in this picture I celebrate his life by painting details relevant just to him.

14 Jan 2019

January 2019

Another Dungeness painting….and some rough thoughts on two others.

03 Sep 2018

New painting

Latest new painting, recording a significant date for me. Enjoyed being lost in the blues.

4th of May

03 May 2017

New Dartmoor paintings

Back out on Dartmoor again for inspiration! Amazing the different colours reflected on pools of water. Both of these ready for Open Studio starting May 13. After alot of years in studios around Exeter am happy to be back home and include my attic work space in the Open House.